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Disable aimbot when someone spectates
Never detected
Auto-update feature





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This Apex Legends Cheats is by ezycheats.com high-end package for Apex Legends players looking for a comprehensive set of cheats that will help them win every game. This pack comes included with a helpful aimbot, an informative ESP, and a range of misc. mods that will allow you to alter your play style. Some of our additional mods include no recoil, air stuck, and bunnyhop. As always, you can configure which hacks you want to use and the key bindings for each of them in the options. Comes included with a lock-on aimbot, Detailed enemy ESP, Item ESP makes it easier to find loot, Misc, mods like a bunny hop, and no recoil. One of the major reasons why people choose to cheat in Apex Legends is because it allows them to win rounds more consistently. If you don’t care about winning, perhaps you just want to impress your friends with your improved performance. They don’t have to know about the cheats, after all. Get ready for the best Apex Legends Hack on the web! Did you know Ezycheats.com is the biggest provider of free Cheats on the Web? Check out our other stuff such as the Fortnite Hack or our newest Rainbow Six Hack.

Enemy ESP
Enemy info (Name,Health bars/shield)
Enemy distance
Item ESP with filters and distance

Aimbot with Lock-on target
Aim bone configurable
Adjustable Aim FOV & Smooth
Aim key configurable

Colorful palette changer
Save/load presets add-on
Item Streamable (Game capture)

  • Wallhack is an extra sensory perception (ESP) hack, which allows you to see your enemies even if you are separated by a wall. It gives you exact information about your enemy, including how much health they currently have and how far away they are from you, in order to help you stay alert and prevent any sneak attacks. It’s a great cheat to use both for your individual advantage and to improve your whole team’s performance (if you are part of a team). Our Wallhack cheat is included in every cheat package available on our site. This cheat includes features such as:

    • Visible enemy health
    • Distance ESP
    • Visible enemy class
    • Configurable colors
    • Supply crate ESP
    • Bounding boxes
    • Player box ESP
  • technique, as they get rid of any aspects and mechanics that may make accurate shooting more difficult. The cheats that we offer include:


    • NoRecoil – Recoil is the backward movement of the gun after it’s been shot. This movement can really impact your shooting performance, as you’ll need to take the time to re-aim your gun after each shot. Having a NoRecoil cheat will allow you to kill your enemies faster and shoot with more accuracy.


    • NoSway – Sway usually happens when aiming your gun down sights. It can throw off your shot completely, which can be incredibly annoying for players trying to perfect their sniping abilities. NoSway cheats remove that feature completely, allowing you to make precise shots every single time.


    • NoSmoke and NoFog – Both smoke and fog are used in Apex Legends to obstruct the vision of other players. It can be useful against your enemies, but incredibly annoying when it affects your gameplay. NoSmoke and NoFog cheats allow you to still see 100% clearly even when smoke or fog is present, ensuring that your shooting accuracy isn’t affected negatively.


    • NoSpread – Spread is the pattern your bullets will fly in when you shoot consecutively. The bullets will naturally spread out, meaning that even if your aim if perfect, not every bullet is guaranteed to hit your target. NoSpread hacks completely remove this random pattern, ensuring that you hit your target every single time.

Having perfect aim and accuracy is great, but all of that can still be undermined by enemies sneaking up on you and catching you off guard. Our Warning cheats can help you combat that – these cheats will inform you whenever there is another player nearby, and they can even detect when somebody is aiming at you. This will allow you to either fight back or move out of their range, practically guaranteeing that you will never be caught off guard ever again.

  • Apex Legends often requires players to have near perfect aim, which can be difficult to master if you’re competing against much more experienced players. Installing an Aimbot cheat can help you to improve your shooting techniques and have an advantage over other players. Our Aimbot cheat in this Apex Legends Hack has three different versions: normal, silent, and Psilent.


    The normal Aimbot cheat works by locking onto a target and ensuring that you will always hit them, no matter how bad your aim is. This is the most popular version of the Aimbot hack, and is even used by players who can already shoot very well. Our version lets you adjust the hack settings to suit your exact needs.


    The silent Aimbot cheat is better suited for players called ‘rage shooters’. Their playing style consists of firing off lots of rounds very quickly, hoping to hit their target at least a fraction of the time. This version of the cheat doesn’t lock onto a specific target, and instead simply directs bullets to follow enemies they get close to. This will improve the chances of you hitting an enemy, even if they are hiding behind a wall.


    The Psilent Aimbot cheat is a modified version of the silent Aimbot. It most closely resembles real aiming, making it practically undetectable by other players and a useful tool to catch enemies off guard. It includes features like precise target tracking, movement prediction, auto fire, auto switch, targeting the enemy’s head, and many, many more exclusives. Due to its incredible accuracy, this bot is popular amongst professional players and Twitch/YouTube streamers.

  • Like the name suggests, our Instant Kill cheat for this Apex Legends Hack allows players to instantly take out their enemies in just one shot. This will not only massively speed up your gameplay, but will also guarantee your victory!
  • Similarly to Warning cheats, our Radar cheat can help you stay more alert and aware of your surroundings while playing Apex Legends. The Radar cheat gives you a full view of the entire map, either in 2D or in 3D, depending on your preference. This will allow you to know the exact positions of all of your enemies, protecting you from any sneak attacks and traps.